How A_IT. Enabled A Multi-Location Owner of Veterinary Clinics To Prepare For Expansion

The Backstory

With 90+ veterinary clinics all operating autonomously, our client needed scalable solutions that would integrate and standardize IT across existing and future locations, reduce IT risks, and manage costs during a period of rapid expansion.

The Challenges

Managerial Oversight.

The client had multiple different IT vendors supporting its 90+ locations, making it impossible to manage. There were no consistent standards or technology in place. In fact, our client wasn’t even aware of the IT assets that they owned at each location.


Because there were no standards in place, the client was exposed to a tremendous amount of IT risk. For example, some locations had no data backup, failed to deploy security patches, and were missing basic security infrastructure such as firewalls.


With multiple fee structures and disparate technologies throughout the environment, the client’sIT costs across locations varied widely. There was no IT budget in place, and it was impossible to forecast future costs.

Our Solutions

Simplified Management.

By consolidating its myriad IT relationships with a single partner, our client can now seamlessly manage its growing portfolio of locations. Anatomy_IT. deployed senior IT experts to lead weekly meetings with the client’s C-Suite executives to bring real management to its IT operation.

Risk Reduction.

We implemented standards and uniformed technologies throughout their locations, ensuring that IT risks are mitigated. Because Anatomy IT. is larger than any of the patchwork of IT firms the clinics previously used, our scale and resources ensure a much more robust service delivery.

Cost Optimization.

Due to the number of locations and the buying power of a large MSP, we procure hardware and software at steep discounts. Additionally, we deliver our services at a transparent and scalable fee structure, allowing an easier way to forecast future IT spend.