HIPAA Tip: Microsoft End of Support 2023

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance organizations must implement procedures to detect and prevent malicious software from invading the environment and causing a security incident or worse a breach (HIPAA Security Rule § 164.308 (a)(5)(ii)(B)).

If you are using software that Microsoft no longer supports you will not meet HIPAA requirements and are leaving the organization’s environment/network vulnerable to outside threats, hacking and ransomware attacks.

The following are some of the operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft and need to be upgraded as soon as possible:

*Windows 7, Extended Security Update Year 3

*Windows 8.1

*Windows Defender for Windows 8 and 8.1

*Windows Server 2008, Extended Security Update Year 3

*Windows Server 2008 R2, Extended Security Update Year 3

For a full list of 2023 Microsoft end of support: Products Ending Support in 2023

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