Why Anatomy IT. Is the Best-Equipped Healthcare IT MSP in the Industry

Healthcare organizations have always had unique needs – and many of the challenges of operating a healthcare business were exacerbated and further complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For many healthcare organizations, internal IT teams – and even incumbent managed service providers – simply don’t have the expertise or resources to ensure technology is optimized, patient data is secure, potential problems are headed off before they start, and staff has the support they need. 

Outsourcing to a security-first managed service provider (MSP) with a specialization in healthcare is the solution. Healthcare IT managed services help proactively prevent problems before they occur. When they do occur, a good MSP can mitigate long-term and costly damage and allow healthcare organizations to experience less downtime. 

In contrast to internal IT services, remote healthcare IT managed service providers are able to quickly intervene, detect and fix potential cybersecurity issues, monitor IT infrastructure 24/7, ensure compliance, and allow a medical facility to focus on the business of patient care.

Read on to discover why Anatomy IT. Is the IT MSP of choice in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare IT Managed Services From Anatomy IT.

Anatomy IT. powers peace of mind through effective managed IT, cybersecurity, and HIPAA compliance services. We provide holistic, reliable healthcare IT managed services that meet the unique requirements of your business.

Whatever you need, we’ll serve you in that capacity through our flexible, scalable options: 

• Complete remote support via help desk and 24/7 network operations center (NOC) services. Get a high level of service – with a light touch.

• Dispatch services for organizations who need onsite support as needed. Comprehensive remote support plus a medium touch for the situations that require it. 

• Onsite expert engineering staff, five days a week. Some healthcare businesses require this level of service to augment your existing staff and fill in expertise and skill gaps. 

Whatever level of service you require, Anatomy IT. Is 100% focused on healthcare. We know healthcare technology, EMRs by specialty, infrastructure needs, clinical workflows, regulatory compliance, and more. When you partner with us, you get more than just expertise – you gain peace of mind.

Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance

Internal IT departments frequently do not have the expertise necessary to ensure their networks and IT infrastructure are managed properly. Significant resources are often required to ensure a healthcare company’s IT infrastructure is operationally efficient, secure, and HIPAA compliant. 

When you partner with Anatomy IT., you get best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions to keep your organization protected from threats like ransomware and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Professional and Advisory Services

Anatomy IT. also offers professional and advisory services that give you access to specialists with extensive experience in IT security, compliance, risk management, and executive leadership. These services include the following and more: 

• vCIO Services

• vCISO Services

• IT staff augmentation

• EMR implementation

• Cloud migration

• Infrastructure design

• Business process improvement

Whatever the project is, we have you covered.

The Partner of Choice in Healthcare: Anatomy IT.

Many healthcare organizations struggle to manage their IT needs as they grow in an increasingly innovative and digital world. Technology continues to develop in ways that most internal IT departments simply aren’t equipped to keep up with. 

Anatomy IT. offers customer-forward managed IT services that allow our clients to cut costs, enhance IT capabilities, and remain technologically competitive as they grow. 

With nearly 30 years of experience and hundreds of clients nationally, we strive to go above and beyond other MSPs when offering solutions in cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, cloud computing, and more.
Reach out to Anatomy IT. to learn more about our healthcare IT managed services.

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