MIPS: Creating an EIDM Account to access the QPP Program Website

The CMS Portal (EIDM) is where you can access all reports on how you performed on your 2016 PQRS and VM programs, and the QPP site, which shares a login with the EIDM is where you view everything related to the MIPS and APM tracks.

While these programs will be replaced with MIPS going forward, get use to this portal as it is where all feedback reports will be accessed. In order to access the CMS portal, you must have an Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) Account.


Signing up for an EIDM account:

  1. Access the user guide here for full instructions: EIDM User Guide
  2. For our clients, we recommend you start on Page 15, then go to Page 20
  3. Once you have successfully created an account and are able to login, reach out to your MIPS Success Manager to complete the setup

If you’d like to move forward with setup on your own:

If you already have an EIDM account or just created one, then follow the instructions provided here to sign up for the appropriate role in EIDM:

  1. Login to the CMS Portal using your EIDM account.
  2. On the top right of the page after login, click on Request Access Now.
  3. Look for the tile that says Provider Value and Programs and click Request Access or Add Role.
  4. If you see your practice listed under the My Role Information section, you are already setup to view the reports, skip to the next section below.
  5. If you do not see the practice, click the Provider Approver button, then pick Security Official if you are a group, or Individual Practitioner if you are a individual. These are the highest levels of access and should be used if you are an administrator of the practice.
  6. Choose Associate to an Existing Organization, then search for your TIN. If results are found, select the correct practice from the dropdown, enter the reason for request (just put “Reports”), then Next, then Submit. This will be sent to the person at your practice who setup the practice originally. If you are not sure who this is, contact QPP.
  7. If no results were found, click the Create New Organization button, then complete the form. Press Next, then Submit. If all the information is entered correctly, you will reach a confirmation page, then you will get a confirmation e-mail once you have been granted access.

To view your QPP reports:

  1. Visit qpp.cms.gov and login using the same credentials