5 IT Challenges Healthcare Organizations Face (And How To Solve Them)

The healthcare industry is no stranger to technological changes, but these past few years have significantly transformed how healthcare organizations approach IT. Increasing federal regulations, post-pandemic recovery, patient expectations, and advances in technology are paving the way for safer, more efficient care – but also creating major healthcare IT challenges for organizations across the nation. 

Here are five IT challenges healthcare organizations are facing today – and tips to help you solve them:

Lacking the Right IT Stack to Protect Data 

Healthcare is one of the most targeted industries for cyber attacks, with more than 45 million patients’ protected health information (PHI) affected in data breaches targeting organizations in 2021.1 These days, it isn’t a matter of if your business will be affected by a cyber attack but when. Having the right IT stack in place to monitor and protect your network from malicious activity should be a top priority for healthcare providers.

Use of Outdated Legacy Systems

Many healthcare organizations rely on outdated IT systems to manage their data, unknowingly providing easy access for hackers to exploit known vulnerabilities. A 2020 study found that 83% of IoT devices in healthcare organizations ran on outdated software, with 56% still using Windows 7.2 Support for Windows 7 reached end-of-life in January 2020, exposing hundreds of thousands of devices to threats ranging from stolen data to life-threatening medical device interference. Upgrading your outdated technology is a vital first step toward better cybersecurity.

No Backup or Disaster Recovery Solutions

The average cost per healthcare data breach reached $9.23 million last year.3 Having a plan in place to mitigate damage and reduce unplanned network downtime is critical, not only for saving millions in lost revenue but ensuring your staff can continue caring for patients as well. Cloud-based backups keep a copy of your sensitive data up to date, while having a disaster recovery plan can help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible after a breach – and healthcare organizations can’t afford to skip out on either.

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations involves more than maintaining standards to avoid fines. Keeping your facility and network HIPAA compliant provides solid protection against cyber attacks. It’s not uncommon for healthcare IT teams to struggle with compliance – or treat HIPAA as an afterthought. However, the need to maintain HIPAA compliance is ongoing – and vital for keeping your network and patients secure.

Advances in Healthcare Technology

From the rise of telehealth to AI-powered predictive analytics, healthcare technology is ever-evolving. Adopting the latest trends can help your facility stay on a growth trajectory and provide better patient care. Implementing new IT solutions without disrupting your network, on the other hand, can be difficult to handle effectively if your staff is unfamiliar with the latest technologies or overwhelmed by maintaining current systems. Turning to an IT expert to augment your team or provide managed IT support can help you keep up with technology changes without added complications.

Solve Your Healthcare IT Challenges With Anatomy IT.

If you’re struggling with any of these challenges, Anatomy IT. is here to help. We’re committed to helping you power, secure, and transform your healthcare business with holistic managed IT, best-of-breed cybersecurity, and expert HIPAA compliance solutions.

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