MIPS Cataract Cost Measure Simplified

2022 is the first performance year that CMS is going to count the MIPS Cataract Cost Measure. Due to COVID, Cost Scores haven’t been calculated since 2019.

The MIPS Cost category weight is at an all-time high, worth 30% of your overall score. Although CMS did not score the Cost Category for the 2021 MIPS performance year, they still provided feedback. We have evaluated the feedback provided, and we have worked with CMS to further clarify points of confusion on this measure.


So what exactly is the Cataract Cost Measure Score?

In order to be scored on the cataract episode measure, you must have at least 10 attributed cases either at the individual or group level, depending on which level you report MIPS.

The measure is scored based on a surgeon’s total cost related to the cataract surgery, compared to a national average, and awarded points based on a 10-point scale.

Similar to other Cost measures, clinicians do not need to submit separate data for the cataract cost measure. CMS will determine your scores using administrative claims data.

Have questions?

The Cataract Cost Measure can be confusing and you may want to learn more. As part of our educational series, we’ve included a link to our recent webinar below so you can better understand your average costs and identify outliers to maximize this category.

This presentation covers:

  • How the Cataract Cost Measure works
  • How to access your historical measure data
  • How to estimate costs and identify outliers


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