HIPAA TIP: Have a Cybersecurity Mindset

In order to continually enhance your organization’s cybersecurity position you need buy-in from your employees. When it comes to maintaining security for the organization this is not just an IT or management issue – it’s each and every member of your workforce.

How do we effectively communicate to our staff the goals we are trying to achieve to become a more risk-free environment?

Cybersecurity training needs to be easy to understand and presented in a way that all staff see the important role they play in defending against attacks to the organization, and how the steps they take can either safeguard a situation or cause an incident. Make the goals practical and reinforce these on a regular basis, not just in a once-a-year training. Reminders on basics such as having strong passwords, locking computers when unattended, checking emails for Red Flags, physically securing the environment and never allowing third parties or vendors to walk freely through your facility; all of these play into reducing risks and vulnerabilities.

Any of you who know me have heard me say this over and over: we are ALL patients, and none of us want to get the dreaded phone call from our doctor’s office saying, “We’ve had a little incident, so we are giving you free credit checks for the next year.” As you can imagine there is more than just medical data within a patient’s record: Social Security numbers, insurance information and financial records.

Build a deep-seated culture within your organization that centers around cybersecurity awareness.

HIPAA compliance isn’t a one-time checklist. It’s ongoing, programmatic in nature, and requires demonstrated reasonable diligence to stay in good standing with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Anatomy IT can provide you peace of mind with our expert HIPAA compliance services. To learn more, contact us here.